Why Are The 3 Viking Range Burners Not Lighting?

April 30, 2021

Why Are The 3 Viking Range Burners Not Lighting | Viking Range Repair
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Are you perplexed why your range burner is not coming on? The answer may be one of the different options that affect the range burner’s performance on the stove. Our technicians have worked more than some range with this issue, so we have gathered a list of causes and recommendations for a Viking range burner that won’t light.

The gas line is closed

The lack of gas is less likely but as important as the electricity. It is most likely that someone shut off the gas line at the back of the range. It may be a trick, an unknown safety measure, or conducted as a move-out step from someone who used to live in the place. As it may not be possible, be open to the possibility that the gas line may be closed. Peer at the back of the range and see that the gas line valve is turned open, not shut off. The oval knob must be perpendicular to the pipe, not level. 

The electrode shook loose

One type of gas range lighting is electrical. An electric flare from a line of electrodes is utilized to light the gas set off the burner. Electrodes are the white dots within the burner, below the burner caps. Examine your electrode lines for any indication that something is loose. Check the loose electrodes or wires that may have been misplaced. Adjust everything you can, when relevant, and test the burner again. 

The burner cap is clogged

When it’s not the range or the igniter, it could be the gas. When it comes to a gas stove burner, the gas passes through the grooves in the side of its cap. The cap itself could be clogged with dirt and food scraps over time. When these become clogged, then the gas can’t pass through properly. When the gas can’t pass through, it can’t make a ring, and it isn’t present to be ignited.

You can resolve this issue by rinsing the burner cap. Hot water, soap, and a soft brush will adequately clean the cap. You can also utilize this method to clear any dirty aspects of the range while working on it. See if the valve is clean, then go back to the cap and try the burner again. 

The burner gap is misplaced

One chance is that the cap is not in the right place. It is possible to change a burner cap in some ranges so that the grooves and the valves don’t align. Once this is true, then the gas can’t get in the burner, and the valve is still adequately shut off. When you can’t find any other reason, rotate the burner caps properly on top of the burner, then try it again.

When the gas range burner still isn’t igniting, we are here to help. Contact Viking Range Repair today to check your range’s maintenance and repair needs and how our repair technicians can help significantly when 3 Viking range burners are not lighting.

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